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Google calc on the command line

At some point a wrote a currency calculator. It downloaded a list of current exchange rates from a bank, somewhere. The draw back was that it could only convert to and from NOKs.
I decided to give it a brush-up. After tinkering a bit with it I realized that google has quite a nice exchange rate calculator in its generic calculator. I wanted something I could operate from the command line so I went a found the WWW::Google::Calculator module on CPAN. On my ubuntu laptop this module is packaged in libwww-google-calculator-perl. The module does everything I needed, really, I just needed to to call it. Anyway, here is how it works:

perbu@thimk:~$ googlec 100 USD in EURO
100 U.S. dollars = 78.976465 Euros

The code is suprisingly simple:

use WWW::Google::Calculator;
my $calc = WWW::Google::Calculator->new;
print $calc->calc(join(' ',@ARGV)),"\n";

As a bonus it does all other sort of calculations:
perbu@thimk:~$ googlec "5*9+(sqrt 10)^3"
(5 * 9) + (sqrt(10)^3) = 76.6227766

Cool, eh?
Tags: google, perl

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